Audio File Archive: A Week with Dr. Edwin Orr

This series was delivered by Dr. Orr in February of 1983 at Wallace Memorial Presbyterian Church. It was a series that he himself regarded as a good summary of his teaching and ministry. On most evenings Dr. Orr began with a lecture on the history of revival, then concluded with a message on the Biblical understanding and preparation for revival. Thanks to the family of Dr. Orr for these tapes.

Sunday #1: Introduction to Revival
Monday #1: Revivals in the Late 1700's
Monday #2: The Work of the Holy Spirit
Tuesday #1: Revival in Early America
Tuesday #2: Forgiveness & Confession
Wednesday #1: Revival in America – Mid 1800’s
Wednesday #2: Hindrances to Revival
Thursday #1: Revival in the Late 1800's
Thursday #2: Complete Commitment
Friday #1: Dr. Orr's Personal Testimony
Sunday #1: The Welsh Revival of 1904-05